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Finally online LGBT+@WORK, final product of the ERASMUS+ project Diversities@Work. LGBT+@WORK consists of a Handbook as well as 5 Theme Guides, providing detailed information on some topics relating to the theme of LGBT+ Diversity within companies (differences that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual bring into their work environment).

The set proposes a wide range options and action methods, to be implemented within businesses and companies in order to fight against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity; but, most importantly, to strengthen the ability to acknowledge, accept, and enhance the differences that LGBT+ people bring at work.

The direct target groups of the aforesaid tools and methodologies include HR managers, Diversity Managers, business consultants, and business owners who wish to improve – through a better knowledge of LGBT+-related issues – the organisational wellbeing of their staff by minimising discontent and mobbing of LGBT+ employees, thus strengthening their loyalty and becoming more competitive in facing the challenges and the requests of ever-evolving markets and socioeconomic scenarios. 

For access to LGBT+@WORK contents use the website  www.d-work.eu, go in the E-Learning section and do the registration, by filling in a short questionnaire for getting a username and a password. Access is free and allow to download all the materials.