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The Mission of CIRSES is to:

promote studies on the system of scientific research and the Italian education system, including Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning, also examining the relationship of such systems with the Labor Market and the institution of economic, political and cultural aspects of Italian society

promote comparative analysis of National Education Systems and their relationship with the social structure of the respective Countries

formulate organic proposals related to the Italian Education System and to scientific and research Institutions

Organizing and/or participating in the organization of training initiatives, courses and / or training, information and awareness-raising modules aimed at teachers, students of schools at all Education levels, educators, psychologists / health professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, managers of human resources, workers

create, and manage projects, research, initiatives, educational, training, information and awareness activities, through participation in regional, national, European call for tenders, notices promoted by public and private bodies and organizations

develop international collaboration on problems of Education

implement other initiatives for the development and coordination of research with particular reference to the activities funded with funds from the European Commission