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  • LGBT+@WORK Online

    LGBT+@WORK Online

    Finally online LGBT+@WORK , final product of the ERASMUS+ project  Diversities@Work . LGBT+@WORK consists of a Handbook as well as 5 Theme Guides, providing detailed information on some topics relating to the theme of LGBT+ Diversity within companies (differences that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual bring into their work environment).

    The set proposes a wide range options and action methods, to be implemented within businesses and companies in order to fight against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity; but, most importantly, to strengthen the ability to acknowledge, accept, and enhance the differences that LGBT+ people bring at work.

    The direct target groups of the aforesaid tools and methodologies include HR managers, Diversity Managers, business consultants, and business owners who wish

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  • Final Conference of the HORSE Project

    Final Conference of the HORSE Project

    On 25th June 2017, in Serres, Greece, will be held the Final Conference of the ERASMUS+ "HORSE" Project. CIRSES will show to the participants the preview of the HORSY APP, developed by the CIRSES ITC experts as intellectual output of the project. The HORSY APP is aimed to introduce hippotherapeutic session to children with Autism and Asperger syndrome.


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  • We-MApp Project

    We-MApp Project


      Le donne illustri del territorio. Per le vie di Pomezia, Ardea, Anzio e Nettuno


    The project, planned and written by CIRSES with the participation of the "B. Pascal" School, a Secondary Intitute located in the Lazio Region,  within the national announcement of MIUR – National Ministry of Education "National Day of the School - DM 663 Art. 6 ", is focused on female toponymy as a place of active citizenship and recognition of the value of women in all areas of knowledge.

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  • 9th June in Rome Second HORSE project's Meeting

    9th June in Rome Second HORSE project's Meeting

    On June, 9th in Rome will be held the Second Partners' Meeting of the ERASMUS+ project "HORSE". The meeting will be organized by CIRSES, as Italian project Partner, and will be aimed to share the state of the art of the project's activities. For more information click HERE

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  • Horsy App

    Horsy App

    Finally is available the last release finale of the APP "HORSY", created by CIRSES for The HORSE project.  The App is aimed to children that participate in horse riding sessions, to support them in creating routines

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  • 17th May CIRSES and COOSS Marche in Ancona

    17th May CIRSES and COOSS Marche in Ancona

    May, 17th 2016, in Ancona - Marche Region, in the occasion of Iinternationa Day against homo-lesbo-transfobia, CIRSES and COOSS Marche will take part in the congress HOMOFOBIA VIOLENCE AND DISCRIMINATION BASED ON SEXUAL ORIENTATION . The conference is organized by the Association  ANDDOS, in cooperation with COOSS Marche, and is adressed to citizens, social and educational operators, lawers, HR esperts and deals topics related to discrimination aganst LGBT+ people at school and at workplaces. 

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