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"Horse. Riding in Special Education for autistic children ", is an Erasmus+ project submitted by the Greek School  Ergastirio eidikis epagelmatikis ekpaidefsis kai katartisis Serron. The proposal, is focused  on the inclusion and socialisation of children with autism and Asperger syndrome through the use of  therapeutic horse riding.


Therapeutic horse riding is the use of horse riding, in order to achieve goals that enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills for people who have disabilities. The use of therapeutic horse riding has been practiced the last years mainly in the northern counties with proven beneficial results, but it is still no widely known as an educational approach in the central and southern countries.


Aims of HORSE project are:

reduce early school leaving for disadvantaged children by fostering equity and inclusion in education of children with autism

strengthen the professional profile of teachers and educators in special education for autistic kids, through training workshops, mobilities and new training tools so that they will be able to use horse riding in their classes

enhance digital integration in learning of children with autism by creating animations and videos that will support their preparation for the therapeutic riding sessions

CIRSES is partner of HORSE for Italy with other organizations from Greece, Coordinating project Country,  Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia.