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The project " LGBT…ALL RIGHT(S)! Tutti insieme per i diritti, tutti contro l’omo-lesbo-transfobia" (All together for the rights, all against the homo-lesbo-transphobia) was planned and submitted by CIRSES together with five other organizations working in the field of LGBT issues: AGEDO ,  Famiglie Arcobaleno ,  Rete Genitori Rainbow ,  Libellula ,  Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale Mario Mieli

The project, approved and funded by the Lazio Region as part of the ''Public notice for the realization of projects aimed at promoting human rights and the fight against homophobia, for students of secondary schools of the second degree of Lazio ", aims to achieve a path of awareness, information and training aimed at teachers and students / students of educational institutes that have joined the project proposal, in order to acquire information, knowledge, tools and methodologies to combat homo-lesbo-transphobia and promote social rights for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) people.

This course is aimed at encouraging and promoting a culture of respect and appreciation of the identities and sexual orientations of young people through activities and experiential workshop (individual and group), involving teachers, parents, girls /boys, aimed at:

Provide properbasic information about LGBT issues, social status of LGBT people, homo-lesbo-transphobia, LGBT bullying / cyberbullying

Provide teachers with useful tools to address and manage the different situations of intolerance / violence / bullying in the classroom that may occur between the young people

Promote civicskills for youth, making them the leading actors in promoting the rights of LGBT people, cultivating the respect and appreciation of diversity


For more information please visit the project website www.lgbtallrights.it (in Italian)