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SKILLS-UP - Enhancing of teachers and trainers in developing, improving and evaluating key competences and soft skills for students' and trainers' success and mobility in the labour market   is a Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation project started on October 2012 and ended on October 2014.

The  SKILLS-UP  project is based on the results of the project  “Competencies for the Labour Market”,  which consist of a set of training tools and methodologies concerning 14 basic soft skills and competences for  trainers and teachers .

Prior to developing the 14 training sets/kits, extensive research was done surveying thousands of small and medium enterprise employers, key-actors in the labour market as well as in-depth desk top research. The training kits include material ranging from methodological aspects to training and teaching, to use of tools and assessment.Any teacher or trainer undergoing this training is certified to use the training kits hence, establishing and guaranteeing quality in delivery.

The  SKILLS-UP project promotes the 14 competences in the partner countries to Vocational and Education Training trainers (as 2006 EU Recommendation on Key competences for Lifelong learning). Their training will strengthen their effort to enhance/support the systemic changes towards competence-based systems and consequently to design and deliver training suitable to established learning outcomes.

During the project’s duration, the 5 partner countries involved will test the training kits with their trainers and trainees and integrate them within their existing practices. The newly trained and certified trainers (will serve as multipliers) will train national trainers to deliver the selected soft skills training kits.In parallel the  SKILLS-UP project will market and raise awareness of its activities through a dissemination campaign.

The transnational project Partneship is composed by:

IT- ARLAS – Lead Partner

IT - Prima Forma – Coordinating Partner

IT – Is.Con





CIRSES, that at the beginning  was the coordinating Partner, even if now is not formally in the project partnership, is participating in the project activities. It took part in the 2 training session on the Key Competencies-Soft Skills: in Lisbon and on Dicember 2013 and in Bruxelles on May 2014.

 For more information, please visit  www.skillsup-project.eu