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RE.LOAD -  Laboratories for REcovery and deepening of Learning Or Aimed at Deconstructive/ transitional  approaches to student's vocational guidance is a Leonardo-TOI project aimed to transfer a good practice. It stems from the successful ESF-ROP-funded action-research initiative carried out in Lombardy between 2005 and 2007: NETWORKING FOR EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING SUCCESS. ORGANIZATIONAL MODELS, TOOLS AND METHODOLOGIES –(Regional Operating Programme. Ob.3, Action C1). The outcome of the initiative was the acronymed “LARSA” labs: “Laboratori di Approfondimento, Recupero e Sviluppo degli Apprendimenti” (Laboratories for further developing, consolidating, enhancing and re-triggering learning processes in 14-to-18 year-olders).

The project was implemented with the objective to promote the buidup of models and contents of LARSA, which are meant to act as nodes of multiple relationships. These are accurately organized and structured so as to respond to youth needs coming from specific contexts. The initiative was labeled as “best practice” and the Re-Load Project aimed at transfering such practice to Italian Regions other than Lombardy and to other EU Countries through a transnational partnership.

The original good practice includes two basic components:

1. atoolkit for action-research to help design the LARSA model and its applications in mixed networks of career-oriented, vocational and academic environments (comprehensive and vocational education).

2. models of LARSA.


The LARSA goals are to:

  • Further develop, consolidate, enhance and re-trigger learning processes in 14-to-18 year-olders
  • Help “switchers” to move from one study program to a different one
  • Support learners while transitioning from school to job, or from one job to the next, or from school to vocational training and viceversa.


The objectives of RELOAD were:

  • Transfer/adapt the Lombardy-based LARSA model to different regional and EU-located contexts.
  • Discuss and analyze the various initiatives of integration between schooling, vocational training and job, as implemented in various contexts.
  • Improve and further develop models and methodologies, on the basis of the outcomes of the Good Practice.


The activities of RELOAD covered 24 months: from October 1st 2009 to September 30th 2011.


RELOAD is carried out by a transnational partnership composed by:



  • State Second. Techn. and Vocat. Educat. School “G.MAGGIOLINI”
  • CIRSES - Centro di Iniziativa e di Ricerca sul Sistema Educativo e Scientifico
  • CONFAO - Consorzio Nazionale per la Formazione l’Aggiornamento e l ’Orientamento
  • IIS “VOLTERRA ELIA” - Ancona
  • I.I.S “G.B. AMICO” - Trapani






  • RPIC-ViP



  • SIRÉAS - Service International de Recherche, d'Education et d'Action sociale


More information in the project website www.reloadproject.eu